• "Kim, thank you for being mindful of the beginners. I love the classes that you put together to help us understand the moves and positions we are taking."

    Jody Lipkin Latitudes and Attitudes Magazine
  • "Just watched Module 1 of Yoga Foundations, what a great mix of media! Loved the thorough information, breaking down of the postures and the video guiding us through the practice. Your vibrant energy, playfulness (love 'stinkbug' pose!) and love of yoga shines through every step of the way."

    Lara Scriba Yoga Instructor, Health Coach, Mum, Sailor
  • "Kim is one of those rare gems: a woman who walks her talk. I've enjoyed working with Kim and as a big supporter of her work, I'm always thrilled to share her work with others who may not be aware of it."

    Nancy Birnbaum Founding Publisher, Market Director Sensi NorCal at Sensi Mag
  • "I have had numerous yoga classes with Kim and received lots of great vibes and energy. She is very inspiring and has deep knowledge. Most of all love her voice and smile :-) Great to have morning classes with her as the day starts smoother"

    Emiko Miyagi Yokota Yoga Student
  • Kim is the quintessential professional when it comes to teaching and spreading the word of healthful living and a balanced outlook. We have both been writing for Latitudes & Attitudes magazine for a number of years and her columns are always informative and inspirational.

    Zuzana Prochazka Executive Director at Boating Writers International Board of Directors
  • Kim, Has been the best yoga teacher I have had so far.. always with that soothing Kim Yoga Voice.. ;) I miss her classes very much... simply the best..

    Rodrigo Rogerio Senior System Engineer at Baptist Health South Florida
  • "Thank You Kim ! I was not happy with myself physically or emotionally. I wanted a change but lacked the motivation to get started. Between Kim's daily motivational videos and daily support from Kim and the other members participating I received the direction I needed to be inspired. I have become more mindful in my daily life. Living in the moment. I am 5 pounds away from a goal I set for myself and proud of my accomplishments! Kim you Freaking Rock !!"

    Sandra Block Participant, 40 Day Sadhana
  • "Your knowledge & expertise in this area is absolutely amazing. Your words are unforgettable."

    Carrie G. Coaching Client
  • "The role model that you are to all of us is immeasurable. The vulnerability that you show has taught me how I can show that as well."

    Cindy Rockefeller Coaching Client
  • A few years ago I was at a really low point in my life. I had just taken a major leap of faith and sold my house to move onto a 35 foot sailboat with my daughter. I was a single mom, and I knew I could do it, since I have a lot of experience with boats, but a few months into it, overwhelmed by the work the boat needed and with my own work as a yacht broker lagging, I was panicked. My work was suffering badly because of my bipolar depression, I was telling myself I didn’t need medication, I was getting caught up too easily in other peoples’ drama, and just was not focused. Kim talked me through several different practices and scenarios, and met with me to coach on a regular basis. I knew I needed it, so I followed through. One of the best things she did for me it was encourage me to read the book “Women and Money,” which was a game changer for me. I knew I was capable of doing all the things I wanted to do, but I had completely lost faith in myself. I got back on track with medication, as well as on a great supplement routine with doTERRA. A year later, I had paid off most of my debt, left my old company started my own yacht brokerage. I got my boat fixed up to the point where my daughter and I were comfortable, and began to surround myself with people who lifted me up. My life is completely different, and I thank Kim for that. Namaste.

    Melanie Sunshine Neale Author Boat Girl, Sunshine Cruising Yachts Broker/Owner/Founder