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What do you stand for?

Who are you?

Why are you here?

Where are you going?

If you were in a conversation with a good friend, could you answer these questions right now, with conviction? 

Like many, the answer is no. Most people I speak with, have never given much thought to these questions.  

These are questions, if you are on a path of growth, of evolution, need to be answered first and foremost. Maybe, these are the questions you are striving to answer while on your journey, understanding that with each transformational evolution you go through, the answers shift and change. 

What I have learned is that by answering these simple, yet profound questions, you step into owning your life, creating a life by design, rather than letting life “life” you. 

What one of my coaching clients says about this program:

Melanie Sunshine Neale,
Author, owner Sunshine Yacht Brokers

“A few years ago, I was at a really low point in my life. I had just taken a major leap of faith and sold my house to move onto a 35-foot sailboat with my daughter. I was a single mom, and I knew I could do it since I have a lot of experience with boats. 

A few months into it, overwhelmed by the work the boat needed and with my own work as a yacht broker lagging, I was panicked. 

My work was suffering badly because of my bipolar depression, I was telling myself I didn’t need medication, I was getting caught up too easily in other peoples’ drama, and just was not focused. 

Kim talked me through several different practices and scenarios and met with me to coach on a regular basis. I knew I needed it, so I followed through. 

One of the best things she did for me it was encourage me to read the book “Women and Money,” which was a game changer for me. 

I knew I was capable of doing all the things I wanted to do, but I had completely lost faith in myself. I got back on track with medication, as well as on a great supplement routine with doTERRA. A year later, I had paid off most of my debt, left my old company and started my own yacht brokerage. I got my boat fixed up to the point where my daughter and I were comfortable and began to surround myself with people who lifted me up. 

My life is completely different, and I thank Kim for that. Namaste

Melanie’s brokerage firm is now kickin’ ass and growing each month! She is now living on a 43’ boat and is engaged to an amazing man. 

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In my 12-week S.H.E. Stands Empowerment Coaching Program

You will: 

·      Identify & understand you VALUES: What you stand for

·      Take off the masks and uncover your true IDENTITY: Who you are

·      Discover your PURPOSE: Why you are here

·      Clarify your Vision: Where you want to go

·      Expose limiting beliefs that are holding you back

·      Create a MISSION: Your plan of action

·      ACT: Eat the Elephant

·      CELEBRATE the results

What it looks like:

·      Weekly Zoom calls 30-60 min

·      Weekly Email with summary of call, action steps, resources to support actions steps

·      Lots of inspiration and cheerleading 

S.H.E. is an acronym that came to me during some interviews with amazing women who had overcome mental health challenges a couple of years ago. 

It stands for 

Shine |  Heal  |  Evolve

It is now the foundation for all my coaching programs

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S.H.E. Empowerment Coaching