What is S.H.E.?

☀️ SHINE ☀️
What does it mean to SHINE?
It means knowing who you are, what you stand for
and why you are here.
It means knowing your strengths and how to use them.
It means shining YOUR unique bright light on whatever darkness is in your life.

🌑 HEAL 🌑
We all have trauma in our lives,
whether it is with a capital ‘T’ or a small ‘t’.
It means, ‘doing ‘the work’
It means shining a light on our SHADOW
It means accepting & owning ALL of what makes us unique, even the shitty parts, this is what allows us
to HEAL our way to HEALTH

“When you stop growing you start dying.”
― William S. Burroughs
Identifying our limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns gives us the opportunity to make new choices.
New choices keeps us growing and learning… EVOLVING
Why settle for being a caterpillar when
you can become a butterfly?

Is it time to step into your power?

I am here to support you in whatever are of your life
you feel like you are floundering.

Schedule a consultation call with me and
we will, together, see if we are a good fit.

I can’t wait to talk to you!

S.H.E. Empowerment Coaching Programs