FLOOT Onboard

F.L.O.O.T. for Colds & Flu

Whether you are on land or sea, traveling or home, no matter the time of year, cold and flu bugs can strike without warning.

To have you and your family and friends covered, have this pre-mixed, D.I.Y. cold and flu remedy waiting in your medicine cabinet! Begin application as soon as symptoms begin.

I reuse my old oil bottles for this very purpose, pre-mix the oils and I am ready to go, just add 10 drops to a veggie cap (or 1/2 oz of water) and take every 1-2 hours as needed depending on severity of symptoms.


For an individual dose: 2 drops each

For pre-mixed: equal parts of each





Tea Tree

This is the best natural solution for preempting colds and flu that I have found and will lesson the severity of the symptoms while letting the body heal naturally.

Last week, on my fifth week of running for Florida SeaBase, I had a scout start having a sore throat on Wednesday evening. I gave him a FLOOT before bed. The next morning he wasn’t feeling well, and we discovered he had a 105 temperature. I gave him another FLOOT at 8:30am and his mother applied peppermint with fractionated coconut oil to his spine. We discussed going to Urgent Care in Marathon when we arrived if his temperature was still high. Around 9:30 he was up and eating, but still not 100% 10am we repeated the earlier procedure of FLOOT and peppermint on the spine. Shortly afterwards, his temp was 99.7, he was full on eating and up in the cockpit. By the time we arrived at midweek (Banana Bay Resort in Marathon) for a pool party, he was ready to go!

FLOOT works!

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