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I am a yogini, teacher of yoga & meditation, and Yoga&Life Coach who specializes in working with successful, conscious women who have lost (or given away) their power.

I offer them the opportunity to understand, accept and release, in order to take that first step back into their power, and support them on their journey to fully living again.

I have been practicing & teaching yoga for 20 years now, always with the feeling that when I am on my mat, I am HOME.  After I began to travel more, and teaching group classes in one place became challenging, I moved into offering workshops and retreats. I found that I needed more and became a certified Yoga2Life Coach through Coach Training Alliance, bringing the on the mat practices of yoga and yoga philosophy into life coaching. Still feeling a yearning for something deeper, I completed my 300 hour advanced Yoga Psychology Teacher Training.
Finally feeling like my toolbox was full of the appropriate tools, I began incorporating these tools into my own healing practices and daily sadhana, and sharing with others. I am now committed to supporting successful women who, for whatever reason can also benefit from these tools and practices.

I believe the body is the gateway to the Truth. When we listen close enough, the body will tell us everything we need to know. Keeping this in mind, we can use the body to learn about our minds and how the two are intertwined with each other.

We begin to observe. We observe the sensations in the body, we observe our breath. We observe our thoughts. One of the biggest breakthroughs we can have is the realization that we are not our thoughts.

Once this separation can occur, it is only then that we can be the witness to our thoughts and notice which thoughts make us feel good, and which hold us back.

When we ruminate about the past or the future, whether it be what we could call “good” thoughts, or “bad” thoughts, it keeps us stuck…. And miserable, unable to experience life as it is happening.

One definition of ruminating is “to chew again or over and over”. This type of ‘thinking’ is like playing the same song over and over and over and over and over and….. we’ve all been there right!? It is like the record player is stuck.

I do want to point out the difference between future ruminating and manifesting. Here are a couple of personal examples:

When I find myself ruminating, I imagine a conversation with someone who has wronged me. This type of rumination keeps me going back and forth between the past, the perceived wrong doing and the future, the imagined conversation or conflict where I ‘tell them off’ and stand up for myself. Generally when this happens I feel anxious, sometimes to the point of psychological paralysis. Keeping me stuck in the muck, and thoroughly depressed.

I also have experienced ruminating in seemingly positive ways. Wishing for a future, dreaming without taking action. And then becoming the victim when this wish or dream doesn’t happen. Which once again leaves me anxious and depressed.

Manifestation on the other hand… making me smile, just thinking about it! When I manifest, yes, I am imagining the future, but… as if it were the present…. AND I take action. (Get my Free Success Formula download here).

The Universe or Consciousness cannot tell the difference between the energy of a thought and the energy of reality. Both have the same vibration.

In my Yoga2Life Coaching sessions, we will address

How your thoughts are creating your reality
How your nervous system affects both mind & body
How to control your thoughts
How to heal your body
How to set clear intention
How to achieve your goals
How to use your results as a guideline
How to release the past

I do not have a cookie cutter approach to my coaching. Everyone I work with is unique, and deserves unique coaching.

If you are experiencing any or all of the following, please please reach out. I am here for you.

Have you lost a sense of yourself, and want to regain that feeling of “I know who I am!”?

Are you frustrated because you know what to do, but can’t seem to do it?

Can you see where you want to be in your life, but just can’t figure out how to get there?

Is your body starting to ‘tell you things’? i.e. digestive problems, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, achy all over (inflammation), plantar fascitis, unexplained pain, brain fog, sleepless nights, the list goes on……

Do you reminisce about your past “happy” life? And notice that feeling fading away.

Are you experiencing high anxiety, panic attacks and/or depression. (Netflix became my very best friend)

Some, not all, of the tools I use to facilitate this process is:

Weekly video sessions (recorded and sent to you after)
Self Inquiry
Chakra Work
Mindfulness Practices
Essential Oils
Shadow Work
Somatic Movement (i.e. yoga, dancing & shaking)
SMART Goal Setting
My Success Formula
Intentional Living Exercises
Email & Text Support

Once we have connected during our FREE 30 minute consultation and determine whether or not we would work well together, your work will begin. I will email you a assessment to be filled out. This will not only give me an idea of where you are now on a deeper level (which is where we always start) but also begin your self inquiry work.

Remember, I am here to coach you, guide you and hold you accountable. You will be the one doing the work. And… I will be honest, sometimes it is not fun. But… once you drag yourself out of the mud, a beautiful lotus will be blooming.

✌️Peace,💞Love,🤣Laughter & ☠️Pirate 🕉Yogis!


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