Vision Casting

  • What do you stand for?
  • Who are you?
  • Why are you here?
  • Where are you going?

If you were in a conversation with a good friend, could you answer these questions right now, with conviction?

Like many, the answer is no. Most people I speak with, have never given much thought to these questions.  

These are questions, if you are on a path of growth, of evolution, need to be answered first and foremost. Maybe, these are the questions you are striving to answer while on your journey, understanding that with each transformational evolution you go through, the answers shift and change.

What I have learned is that by answering these simple, yet profound questions, you step into owning your life, creating a LIFE BY DESIGN, rather than letting life “life” you.

Beginning in November 2020, I will be offering a four-month Group Growth Program that will allow you to answer these questions.

The first month, you will explore the foundation for all of the questions: your VALUES.

During our two-hour monthly workshop, you will be guided on a journey to uncover your true values. Looking deep into your soul and shining a light on what is most important to you.

What are your non-negotiables? What do you value above all else?

Over the next four weeks, you will receive a weekly email with a meditation, journal prompts and activities for you to integrate into your life, to completely embody your VALUES.

During our second workshop, you will have the opportunity to look in the mirror and acknowledge who you are. We will look at IDENTITY.

Who do you believe you are? How do others identify with you?

We all have IDENTITIES we resonate with: daughter, mother, sister, friend, aunt, work associate, {fill in your favorite activity, i.e. sailor, runner} {whatever you do for work}, you get the picture…

These are the hats we wear, NOT who we are.

Building on your VALUES, you will take that deep dive into your true IDENTITY.

For the following month, you will again have weekly activities, journaling and meditations to support you in knowing, accepting and owning your authentic self.

During month three, you will uncover your PURPOSE. Why are you here?

I believe that anyone that is on the path of self-discovery has asked themselves this question.

In order to answer it, identifying your VALUES & IDENTITY are foundational first steps.

After answering these questions, and another month of embodying your PURPOSE, it is then you will have the clarity to see where you are going, your VISION.

Where do you see yourself in one year, five years, ten, twenty?

What is your destiny?

What legacy will you leave behind?

Answering all of these questions may seem daunting, and they are, and with my program, I will break it down, step by step for you.   

You are led on a journey of discovery, revealing all the answers one by one, step by step with ease. It is about surrendering to our sub-conscious mind and allowing the truth to bubble to the surface.

Once you are aligned with your VALUES, IDENTITY & PURPOSE, and know where you are going, you can see your VISION clearly, your life becomes easy.

The confusion, stress and uncertainty melt away and is replaced with clarity, ease and an inner knowing that guides you through your day to day activities.

It’s kind of like going on a vacation.

You can get in your car and drive, with no destination in mind, confused, driving and driving. Sure, you may experience some fun adventure, but eventually you end up wondering if you will ever arrive, if you will ever be there, when you can stop.

Or you have a destination in mind, set up you GPS system and you drive and take each turn as it comes, trusting the step by step instructions, enjoying the adventures and sights along the way knowing they are the icing on the cake. And when you arrive, you know it. You celebrate, you relax, lean in and maybe, just maybe, do it all over again, asking yourself, what’s next?

For more information about my V.I.P. Vision Casting program CLICK HERE

This is the first in a series of S.H.E. Group Growth Programs I will be offering. The others are:

Life by Design

In this four-month program you will use your vision as the guide and will learn how to CREATE, BUILD & CELEBRATE reaching your vision. This is where you learn the HOW to get where you are going. Knowing where you are going is one thing but breaking down the action steps in order to get there is another.

Essential Integrations

During this four-month group growth program, you will not only release thoughts, beliefs and actions that are no longer serving you, but more importantly, integrate new healthy habits that support body, mind, & soul.

Psychology of the Seasons

This is a year-long program designed to create space in your life in order for you to BE your best self. Using the seasons and nature as our guide, you will naturally slide into each phase. Much like a farmer is guided by the seasonal shifts to plant, nurture and harvest their crops, you will learn how to use this natural rhythm in your own life to be continually reaping a bountiful harvest.  

During the first quarter, you will simplify, organize & plan, the second quarter is time to cleanse and restore, the third quarter brings you into building new healthy habits and you will end the year with a season of rest, reflection and self-care, preparing yourself for the next season.

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I am making these programs open to all with deeply reduced pricing or free admittance when you are a member of the Yoga2Life Online Studio. Definitely worth checking out.

Thank you for your interest in this journey called LIFE!

Big Fat Love!

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