Why Build a Strong Foundation?

What is YOGA anyway?

Most of us are familiar with yoga as just the physical practice which is merely 1/8 of its entirety. In our western culture, where the physical body is revered as the one thing we must take care of, generally speaking, the mental, emotional and energetic body is ignored until it breaks down. (Many times, that goes for the physical body as well)

The physical practice, or asana, the third limb in the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali does serve as an important gateway to healing the wholeness which we call our body.

 Asana is the gateway to the Truth.

Yoga is an ancient body of knowledge dating back more than 7000 years.

The word ‘yoga’ is brought to us from the Sanskrit language and means ‘to yoke’ or ‘union’.

The yoga system is designed to bring us into union with our higher power, using the body, the breath and the mind as tools.

Why do YOGA over other physical practices?

Some of the benefits of a regular yoga practice include:   

  • Increased flexibility, balance & strength
  • You will notice a decrease in aches & pains and find movement much easier
  • Your sleep habits will improve
  • Because it also contributes to our mental, emotional and energetic bodies, some of the benefits are not as clearly ‘seen’, but felt, or noticed over time as we find ourselves more peaceful, calm and responding rather than reacting.
  • Yoga also eases us into the aging process with grace

Why is it important to build a strong foundation?

Think about this…when you build a house, would you build it directly on the ground? No. We build a solid foundation, so the house will last through storms, weather and time.

Why wouldn’t we take care of our own bodies like we take care of our homes?

I continually hear the words:

“I would love to go to a yoga class, but I would be too embarrassed”

Or, “I don’t know how to do yoga?”

Or, “I can’t do yoga.”

By understanding the basics… building your foundation… the fear & intimidation of beginning a yoga practice can be eliminated.

I am a better safe than sorry girl. By understanding the concepts behind each posture and the importance of alignment & modification, the possibility of injury is dramatically reduced, giving you the opportunity to create a yoga practice that offers you a more energized, happy life.

With a strong foundation, you will be able to explore the other areas of yoga and life in general that interest & benefit your life the most.

In my 6-Week Online Course, Yoga Foundations©️, you will learn the basics of basics.

This course is designed for all body shapes, sizes and abilities.

This is NOT an “All Levels” course, nor is it a “Level One” course….

This is a ZERO Level class, a true beginner’s course.

This is a course for people who are nervous or even fearful to start yoga.

This is a course to do in the privacy of your own home with the help and guidance of me, via

  • Video lessons
  • Printable slides
  • Progressive weekly practices
  • Lifetime email support

I have worked with beginning yoga students for almost 20 years and I offer an alternative approach to learning the basics.

We begin by opening the space for each of you to recognize and accept where you will be starting from… Your unique START LINE.

We will address how important our mindset is and learn how to set an intention and take the action necessary to achieve the results you are looking for.

Through this process, you will feel comfortable and build the confidence necessary to allow your practice to grow and evolve, whether you continue to practice at home or find a studio near you.

This class will place an emphasis on the physical practice of yoga but will also integrate the more subtle practices of yoga as a whole.

You will have access to this course as a member in my Yoga2Life Online Studio. Included with either a monthly or annual membership you will receive:

  • A variety of LIVE classes via Zoom offered throughout the week
  • Recorded asana and meditation classes to utilize at your convenience
  • Email & Text access to me for all questions & concerns
  • Tips Tools & Tricks for living a supernatural life
  • Yoga Foundations ~ 6 Week Online Course
  • Discounts on all programs, retreats, coaching & charters
  • and more!!!

I am honored to be on this journey with you!

Namaste Y’all!

✌️Peace,💞Love,🤣Laughter & ☠️Pirate 🕉Yogis!


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