The New Moon is Magic

The new moon is always full of magic!

As the darkest part of the moon cycle approaches, we are reminded to rest and practice introspection. It is a time for reflection, looking back at our accomplishments and our challenges.

The time to plant seeds, set intentions is during the energy of the new moon. This time generally lasts 2/3 days prior and following the new moon.

Following the new moon energy is a time of emergence, as the light of the moon begins to grow once again, we feel a sense of renewal, a fresh start.

  • New Moon
  • New Phase
  • New Intentions

The new moon is my favorite phase of the moons cycle. It offers the opportunity to reset and recharge. To really look at what worked during the last cycle and what didn’t and adjust accordingly moving forward, setting a new intention for the upcoming cycle.

Living an intentional life allows us to move forward in life on PURPOSE, rather than letting life happen to us. It gives us clarity and a mbêle aché (forward energy, Swahili)

We have all heard of the Law of Attraction, manifesting that which we desire. It all begins with intention, and setting an intention is best done during the energy of the new moon.

Of course, there are other steps to take in order to manifest, for my full formula, download my Life Success Formula

Here is a sample from the e-book:

Our intention creates our reality.                                                    

~Wayne Dyer

All of our planned actions are guided by our intentions.

What is the difference between an intention and a goal?

  • A goal comes from the mind, it is about obtaining “something”
  • An intention comes from the soul, declaring who you want to BE and how you want to feel.

Setting an intention is declaring the way of BEING you show up as in order to create the results you are looking for.

When we set an intention, we gain clarity.

This is when things begin to fall into place effortlessly.

With this clarity, we can see & feel the result as if it has already happened.

If we are using intention as the seed, then gratitude is the most fertile soil     we can plant that seed in.

By holding a space of gratitude each day, the seeds we plant, will grow.

Of course, a big part of planting seeds is tilling the soil and preparing it with nourishment. We do this in our lives by cultivating gratitude. Taking some time each day to acknowledge that which we are grateful for in out lives. Big things like our family and friends, being specific and even the little things like the sound of the water trickling from duck pond to duck pond outside my window as I write this.

Each moon cycle is special in its own way, as it pertains to the seasons and the phases within the season. Being conscious of this can support you in setting your intentions and shining brightly each and every cycle.

Watch this video as I talk more about this!

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